Not often but it happens. A prodigy is discovered hiding in plain sight, usually as the one who doesn´t always stand out for anything special or is set behind the action with the background colors and scenery. The spotlight arrives over this specimen right when the spectators are unaware in terms of expectations of what’s coming next, and with them, some special doors and destinations get open like portals.

People like to believe everybody exists to play a role in the ultimate story of the world, even though in a way that might be true, the determination of what that is for each individual seems left to luck. Meaning, all characters decide if they fight or flight and the follow-up reaction is what defines what kind of engine in the vital machinery they are. Like everything we know, equilibrium is required so this machine can work efficiently and the story can persist. Therefore excelled balance is crucial at all times, but no doubt such reality is no simple task; energy might be eternal but our do-overs to make it right are not.

Cycles pass through: physical beings always perish in death; intelligence claims power over muscle, the past resonates with the present, life is always reborn.



The Movements


Do the plié and relové

-a portal opens.

New matters will crawl from the bottom,

stretch out

 play defense,

fight for the upper hand,

walk the knowledge path.


Luck & chance are linked to attracting,

either activate or stay behind

till you feel bold enough to dance.

A bridge opens

every certain time,

breathe deeply


And chances

will sway in your favor.

Dice rolling

all the nerves crumbling,

a drop of sweat calls it

you’re circling around,

wandering on the losing side of maybes

until you decide.

Cross the invisible path.


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